Holy instances of life imitating art, Batman! Wayne Manor burns down...

Just as in “Batman Begins”, a fire broke out at stately Wayne Manor, reducing it to a smoking pile of rubble. R’as Al-Ghul must be snickering right about now.
I hope Alfred & Aunt Harriet got out all right.

Batman wasn’t prepered for that?

Holy smoke, Batman!

B-but it had firepoles. Remember those?

Yeah, but if the library was engulfed in flames, he wouldn’t be able to get to the bust of Shakespeare that operated them.

No doubt he was…medium-well, I’m guessing.

Fortunately Alfred made it out unscathed. As everyone knows, it’s Alfred’s duty to serve Batman.

“Holy intercourse, Batman! You’re fucked!”

One “ward” wasn’t enough, huh? That’ll teach him to poach on Professor X’s turf by opening his doors to troubled, wayward and possibly pyrokinetic teens: “Dream of…fire!”

It turns out it wasn’t Wayne Manor, but rather a house down the street…


Holy mistaken identities!! That was a close one!

Exactly Robin… but it does teach a valuable lesson in fire prevention. Only you can stop household fires through dudilligence.

Gosh! I guess your right Batman.