Holy poop! They said the S word on SNL

Don’t they bleep the profanity on Parks and Recreation?

Too late to edit. Jackson actually used the word “fuck” in 1994, 10 years before her Super Bowl slippage.

They say “shit” on many cable networks, including FX, TNT, and A&E. USA is not unique among cable channels.

But when A&E reruns shows like Criminal Minds which originally aired on CBS, they censor words like “bitch” and “ass”.

I have the DVD box set and I’m pretty sure I heard the word in an episode. Not sure if it’s the same one you are talking about. It’s been a while since I watched it. The funny thing I noticed about MH was that “20 minutes in the future” many characters still smoke, often in the workplace and they are still talking on corded telephones. The writers didn’t predict the internet very well either.

They probably run those shows in the daytime or when children are otherwise watching. I know they’re not required to, but undoubtedly think it’s good practice to censor them when they run them at those hours. Their original dramas, such as “The Glades” (I know it’s canceled, but I dropped my cable and I’m not up on their current offerings) usually run after 10:00 P.M. when there are fewer children presumed to be watching. I know I’ve also heard the word “shit” left in “The Sopranos” when they were being run on A&E.

The FCC has relaxed the rules for accidental slips like in a live broadcast. Lorne Michaels has not. He gets really pissed when it happens and it’s part of why Jenny Slate was only on the show for one season (she was one of the fuck-sayers.)

The commercial set that was finally released is the uncut studio-release versions, so yes, the clip is in there. It was in most of the bootlegs as well, which were taken from cable showings of the episodes.

It’s all in the perspective. They predicted far too many things with great accuracy - things that were far less likely and far more astonishing than the internet.

I seem to remember a fairly recent f-bomb on SNL, a female cast member was doing one of those tongue-twister bits where you are supposed to only almost say something. (Sofa King, Colonel Angus, Cork Soaker, but it wasn’t any of those.)

I very *very *much doubt that.

Yeah, I can’t find any mention of this anywhere. I’m guessing it was bleeped but FriarTed heard “shit” in his head. If we knew which episode this was it should be easy to check.

I’m in the Central time zone, and McCarthy was clearly bleeped out.

Wait… I take that back. I just remembered I didn’t watch it live; I watched on Hulu. FWIW it was bleeped out there. I can believe that it slipped through live.

Parks and Rec, though, no way. It’s always bleeped.

That was the Jenny Slate one I mentioned above. Here’s the clip.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KV9VB3-xr8k

Another recent late-night broadcast data point. Dr. Phil was on Letterman last week and dropped the S-bomb. It was bleeped. I don’t think SNL officially allows it.

Letterman is taped, so they have time to remove offensive words before it is aired. With live shows, you don’t have that much warning. There isn’t much that SNL can do about it except bleep it out for the Mountain and Pacific time zones on tape delay.

I thought I remembered there were occasional episodes of SNL that used a slight delay and found this:

That’s the cable network’s decision.

When Adult Swim aired Futurama, the two times the phrase “Sweet/Holy Zombie jesus!” was used, they censored “Jesus”. Fox had no problem with this when it aired originally. (Other references to Jesus were left untouched - it’s just “Zombie Jesus” that causes the problem. Gee, you don’t think the fact that Adult Swim is headquartered in Georgia is more than a coincidence, do you?)

There was another incident on Adult Swim, although I’m not sure if this was intentional or just a glitch; in an episode of American Dad, they show a closeup of a couple of homosexuals looking at someones abs, then pull back to reveal the abs belong to Jesus on the cross; the one time I saw it on AS, while they kept the audio going, the video of the close-up was replaced by a blank screen.

The last two sentences are a little off. Most of the central time zone, including Chicago, is west of the Mississippi.

Chicago is not west of the Mississippi River.

Yeah, it 100% did not happen.