Holy shit (Why I did I try this last store)

I stopped to get glycerine for flower preservation at the three local large retailers. Only one carries this at $3.88. They had 6 bottles yesterday and I had to be somewhere so I left. Today all six bottles are gone. I thought who the hell buys 6 bottles of glycerine at a time. Later it hit me that I’ve heard those electronic smokes use it, so somebody must need a lot for that. I decided to try a store most people avoid. I ask for glycerine. The clerk finds it, and I say I need to know the price. The shit is priced $8.98 and about $9.50 depending on which bottle you pick up. This is so over the top it shocks me. The first sentence I utter is I’m not paying that. The next sentence is Holy shit, that’s more than double the normal going rate for that product. I leave immediately. Holy fuck man. I know this is my last stop forever at that store. The glycerine was the exact stuff carried at the first store.

Those other six bottles may have been purchased by six separate customers …

Perhaps people avoid that store because they charge more? But, apparently your need for glycerin isn’t sufficient to pay what they want when they’re the only place that has it.

Really small store could be charging more to make up for the lack of turnover. Go back to the big store and ask when they’ll have it back in stock. Might be sooner then you expect.

Some people use it to make soap or lotion.

Sounds like “Econ 1A: The Law of Supply and Demand”

For your homework, go out and buy some .22 LR ammunition :slight_smile:

Amazon has it. All sizes, too.

The only reason that store hasn’t shut down is they supply insurance devices and prescriptions for shut in retired people. The price was so over the top I was shocked into having a warm flush and making those statements. That’s what I get for going to one of the stores that only sell to a captive insured clientele. I hadn’t been there for 20 years, and I won’t ever go there again. What emergency use can you have for a bottle of glycerine? I of course am getting it at the other retailer when it’s restocked or better yet when I get to the next town over, where I can find clothes, food, and general merchandise I’m looking to buy. My town has almost nothing you want in stock ever. yesterday was one of those days I knew I should have went to the next town over to do lots of necessary shopping. I’m usually good for 20 years before I start rethinking going to a place, when I mark a place off as don’t waste my time going there.