Holy War of the Week: Late night TV hosts

I like Letterman.
I hate Leno.
I love Conan. If I were a woman I’d kill his wife and then seduce him.
Craig Kilborn makes me want to punch the TV.
Carson Daly makes me want to shoot it.
Bill Maher is entertaining for about ten minutes at a time.


I love Letterman, and have for 20 years. Or is it 21 now?

I hate Leno. I used to like him when he would come on Dave’s show and talk about “What’s my beef.” I can’t stand him ever since he took over the Tonight Show.

I like Conan every so often.

Craig Kilborn is too damn smarmy for me.

I like Bill Maher on occasion.

I don’t even know who Carson Daly is.

Letterman…eh. His only good bit is the Top Ten lists and the Secret Word of the day (whose reward is $200 DAMN DOLLARS!). I can’t seem to stand his laugh.

Leno I like. His monologues are usually a bit dry, and his Jaywalking has some characters sometimes. But Headlines is the only thing that really entertains me. So, correction, I like Headlines, not Leno.

Conan is the master of late-night TV. His zany antics have had me in stitches many a time. There is no disputing this king of comedy (I think his reactions to various things that happen on the show is his greatest strength).

Kilborn is boring. Tries to rip off Johnny Carson too much. Booo!

Bill Maher is … well, Bill Maher. You know what I mean.

Carson Daly is what is wrong with television these days. Slapping a no-talent hack into a talk show is wrong. I could run a better talk show than him…oh wait, he’s “attractive”, that’s right. Never mind then…

I love Letterman, hate Leno, love Conan, and watch a bit of Jimmy Kimmel. Everyone else I dislike.

Carson Daly is the twit who comes on even after Conan. He’s in that 30 minutes that’s too late for a syndicated rerun and too early for an infomercial.

Love Letterman, hate leno, like Conan as a person (think he’s a great comedy writer but don’t think he’s funny on the show), Kilbourn has some style. As much as I hate Carson Daly, I think he asks good questions.

This is based on the more recent works these men have produced.

LOVE: David Letterman

Gotta love Rupert, Muji and Saraj (now gone), Biff, Paul can be a good sidekick here and there. Letterman NEVER sucks up to guests. Gotta love the more recent Dr. Phil bashing. Just plain hands down Letterman rules.

ADORE: Conan O’Brien

TRIUMPH the insult comic dog (my fave lol). Joel the announcer, Max can be quite hilarious. Like the bit called Max on Max, or Joel on Joel with Max watching. Never see enough of masterbating Bear and Camel Toe Annie. Conan doesnt suck up to guests, he loves to joke with them. You gotta love that.


Havent seen enough of him yet to decide, but for now his show seems crude and unprepared. Doesnt have schticks or monologues, off beat and insulting humour. Won’t get decent guests for now. If he survives he might get better.

SO-SO: Craig Kilborn

Don’t really like his NEWS thing and can be quite obnoxious, but has some decent interaction with guests of lower calibre.

ABHOR: Jay Leno

What a freaking SUCK UP to guests. High pitched whiny voice and almost always with the sexual innuendo. The Jaywalking Schtick just proves that the people are doorknobs and just gives you Americans the ignorant stereotype. Headlines can be funny, but who cares and don’t get me started with the annoying background laugher named Kevin (or whatever the band leader’s name is)

NEVER SEEN: Carson Daly

too late, not great guests and not really interested in the Late Late Late shows.

LUKE WARM: Bill Maher

His stance can be annoying, but the show was a good portal for him to work on. I don’t really miss him. And his show isn’t really considered to make him one of the typical Late Night TV Hosts, since it’s just a debate where he plays devil’s advocate or chooses a side.

So in summary, Leno sucks. Letterman rocks, Conan splits my sides from laughter, Kimmel needs to be prepared, Craiggers needs to get rid of the NEWS schtick, Bill is gone, no comment on Carson.

I guess you missed the Jimmy on Jimmy with Jimmy and Joel watching. Hilariously distrubing.

My list goes as follows:

  1. Late Night with COB- Hilarious. The monolouges are the best way to end my day. His sense of humor and his timing are perfect, IMO. Great stuff.
  2. ** Carson Daily**- I don’t like him but he sometimes has good guests.
  3. Jay Leno- Not funny, very annoying. But sometimes he has good guests. But thats not normally worth putting up with his attempts at wit.
  4. Bill Maher- Never seen the show. But he still bugs me.
  5. Letterman- I cannot stand this man. The thought of him fills me with homocidal rage.

I can’t rate Kimmel because I haven’t seen enough of him. But from what I hear hes playing into Conan’s self pity bit. Thats a no no.

Conan O’Brien is the current king of late-night. He is bigger now than Letterman was at his age. He killed on the Emmy awards this year. He’s the best comedic writer that’s ever been on Late-Night TV. He’s the best writer the Simpsons had, and one of the best writers SNL ever had. I guess that might make him the best comedy writer ever. Or damned close to it.

Letterman is getting better again, but speaking as his biggest fan when he was on NBC, he’s gotten a little weird as he grown older, and the show suffers for it. I don’t want to hear about his heart surgery again, and I don’t want to see his damned doctor on TV any more. It’s a couple of years ago now, fer Pete’s sake.

Don’t forget Jon Stewart. He’s one of the funniest people on TV, and his show gets writing that’s often better than Conan’s.

Letterman - I like him, seems like he’d be an alright guy to get to know. That’s important (to me). He’s also really funny. I love “Does it Float” and the hairpiece skit.

Leno - Don’t like him and don’t know why. Wish I could tell you but I really don’t know, there’s just something about him.

Kilborn - Seems like he’d be a real asshole if I were to ever meet him. The problem is, I like a lot of the guests he has. A lot of the guests that he has aren’t on the other talk shows.

Conan - I love the man. When I lived at home, my cousin would come down and my sister, her, and I would watch Conan every night. He’s funny, has great interviews, and has Dave Chapelle on quite regularly and that alone is worth watching. His skits are funny and get’s on great with the guests.

Kimmel - I don’t like him as a host, he just doesn’t have the presence and isn’t all that funny. He seems like he’d be a better sidekick. I DO like Adam Corolla - he’s the one that should have got the talk show.

Carson Daly - Have nothing against him really, he’s just boring.

I’ve been watching Letterman since I was in grade school. Still love the guy, although he has toned downed his humor since the move to 11:30.

Loathe Jay Leno, that gutless, kiss-ass, low-brow eunuch.

Conan is a great writer and has good comedic timing on the show. I think the show lost something when Richter left, the two played off each other very well.

I think Kilborn’s self-adoration shtick is funny. His bits are lame but he does well with the interviews.

Never seen Carson Daly, don’t think I missed much.

Eh… you might not like that after you’ve done it :D. Apparantly he’s a real ass, according to two people I know that have interned for his show.

Anyway, I’ll take Letterman WAAY over anyone else, then Maher, Conan, Kilborn, and Leno.

I admire Letterman, but I watch Leno 9 times out of 10. What can I say? At that time of night, I’m looking for an easily digestible monologue. Oh, and “Headlines” rules, given that I’m a former journalist.

Kilbourn I find personally very smarmy, but I will generally pick him over Conan. I just don’t like Conan very much.

I like Carson.

Johnny, not Daly.

Yep. None of the current crop of late-night hosts can hold a candle to Johnny Carson. He was the king.

Only one person has mentioned Jon Stewart? As much as I love Conan, Jon is quickly gaining on him as my favorite late night talk show host because he and his “newscasters” are consistently funny and bring forth such outrageous and hilarious stories. I don’t know what I’d do without Comedy Central, which now has both of these shows :slight_smile:

I went out to dinner with him and a bunch of people one night when it was announced he was moving to CBS from the Daily Show. Like most late night show guys, he is extremely quiet in person. He’s also red-haired and freckly - something that doesn’t read on TV.

That actually changes my opinion of him, thanks :).

I do think he has good presence and puts on a good show. I guess the vibe he gives off for the show is kind of off putting to me.

As much as I like Letterman there’s really nothing about his show that I want to watch. I love Conan’d monologues and bits, don’t really care for Leno but if I remember will turn in for Headlines. If you’re including Jon then he would be my favorite for everything he does.

Everybody else I don’t even care to expend the thought to rate them. Eh.

I love Conan, his monologue is short but funny, and most of the skits are hi-larious. Letterman also is highly amusing, particularly the banter between him and Paul. Leno is dull. Haven’t seen the others.