Holy Water

What is holy water? Does it have magic powers? Once made holy is it always holy, even if pissed or shit out? What percentage of the Earth’s water is holy? Does it lose holiness as it mixes with the moisture in the air? Are individual molecules holy? Do molecules ever become unholy after being holy?

Of all people who SHOULD already know all the answers to those questions…

Good for a start.

I find it works well when I have one HELL of a thirst.

Comes with the holier than thou attitude.

Is this the part where somebody smacks you with a fish?

How do you make holy water?

Boil the HELL out of it.

The answer to these questions do not require debate. You need to seek out a priest in the Roman Catholic Church, which as far as i know is the only institution where holy water can be found. He might be able to give you your answer.

Well, you make holy water (assuming you’re on good terms with your god) by dropping regular water on a coaligned altar and then praying. Once you have holy water you can make more holy water by dipping the regular water (make sure you have two or more waters or the exercise is pointless) into holy water. Holy water is really handy stuff–you can use it to uncurse cursed objects or to bless uncursed objects. It can also cure lycanthropy and other illnesses assuming you’re not a chaotic kind of guy. It’s also a nice weapon against demons, the undead, and various lycanthropes.

As for unholy water, it does have its uses as well, but they tend to be more esoteric and harder to obtain, unless you’re willing to either gravedig or risk praying at a cross-aligned altar.

I believe Bosda is the trout-wielder in these here parts.

My apologies for misinforming you in my earlier post.

The Ganges River is holy to Hindus. Its water are holy and healing. Mix a molecule of Ganges water with the Mississippi River will make the whole river holy. You can piss and shit in the Ganges and its still holy. There’s nothing to suggest that the properties of Ganges water will cease.

I’m not shitting you

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