Home!!! Across the Chesapeake Bay Tunnel/Bridge

We just crossed over the tunnel portion of the Tunnel/Bridge and should be tied up by 1000.

It’s a good thing to have Ft. Lauderdale and all those cheerleaders behind me. The sorry thing is I’m being serious.

Both mundane and pointless, I know.

Can you see me? I’m the one waving at the big grey boat. (does it royally piss off you guys if we lubbers call your ship a boat?)

No, spritle, it doesn’t piss us off if you call our ships boats.
Though we do experience inconsolable pity for you and your hum-drum civilian existence.

Welcome back to ol’ Virginny. The legislature is still in session here in Richmond, and still doing their best to completely screw up everything that they come into contact with - including the toll on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, which I hope you remembered to pay as you crossed under/over it.

Did they just raise the toll Again?

…to get tied up every once in a while. Being as it is 5 minutes before 1000, Welcome Home, ChiefScott. May you be tied up again soon.

spritle, jarheads call them boats, too, but it is just to needle the sensitive ones.

Welcome back, Chief! Throw that hawser over the bollard; a little bondage is good for the soul!