Home alarm panel question

I am in the process of replacing the old panel with a new one. One problem though. The old panel has two connections called DZ-1 and DZ-2 that the new doesn’t have

There’s a schematic on the panel’s door and according to this dz-1 and 2 connects to ground via two (normally closed?) switches.

Any idea what this is? Should I simply connect these cables to the ground?

Are there wires connecting to the old panel?
Depending on the manufacturer, they could be Door Zones 1&2. Some older systems (Wells Fargo) required at least one wired contact before enabling use of wireless. (Also a fail safe in case of battery failure in the wireless devices.)
The nomally closed switches would be the magnetic contacts at doors or windows, in that case.

If the new panel does not have DZ connections, I’d leave the wiring that went to the old panel’s DZ connections unconnected. What do those wires go to? It will probably be more important to determine the specific functions of the wiring, rather than getting hung up on specific labels.

Usually, DZ refers to a detection zone, which is a logical rather than physical concept in large systems to collect multiple sensors into a group such as “Warehouse” or “Third Floor” - not sure what it is in your old home system.

Ok, I found a handwritten note from the previous installer, apparently he had connected the tamper switches on DZ1