Home alone with a medical emergency

One day, I’m sitting here at my computer, and something (heart attack, monitor explosion, fan falling on to me from ceiling) which requires medical attention happens to me. I manage to call an ambulance, but I collapse before they arrive. The doors are locked and I’m home alone. What does the ambulance crew do when they arrive? Bust down the door? Pick the lock? Leave?

When you cal the ambulance, the fire department would also be alerted via the 911 system. I would assume the fire department would knock the door in, if the paramedics couldn’t get access another way.

Dr_Paprika is right. Usually the big red truck gets there first. My father was rather ill, so my brother was staying with him. Bro sleeps pretty hard, so they set up a door bell button at Pop’s bedside, with the bell at Bro’s. One night Pop got up to get a drink of water & had chest pain. He couldn’t get back to bed. He couldn’t get Bro to wake up, door bell in the bedroom. He called 911 5 minutes later the he heard a chain saw fire up. They came through the garage door!

The police would probably be involved, as well. We can’t just bust into houses all willy-nilly.
St. Urho

Well, shucks. Where’s the fun in that?

As I live alone, this sort of thing is of importance to me. If I were able to ring the police, I’d tell them who has a key. If I couldn’t call them, I’d be in serious trouble. Neither my family nor my neighbours would notice for some time. I would hope that my colleagues at work would wonder about my absence and get someone to call round, but that might be hours or days hence.

If you are actually able to call 911 (as opposed to falling down the stairs with no one around), why not tell the operator specifically that you might pass out and if you do not answer the door the police have your permission to break in? The 911 operators very likely have caller ID, so there would be no question that the call was coming from your address. Having the authorities look for someone with a key might take way too long. If you know you have a medical problem it might even be possible to record some kind of permission in advance with your local authorities. But if you konk out before you can call anybody you’re probably out of luck.