Home Builders: How much does excavation/foundation pour cost?

Obviously, I understand that this varies tremendously based on innumerable factors (location, time of year, house size/type, soil type, local demand, etc. etc.). But here are some parameters for my sitch:

  • ~1,000 SF footprint
  • simple rectangle (24’ x 40’), no jogs
  • full basement, possibly with slightly higher ceilings
  • ICFs
  • sloping site; full walkout in back
  • light clay and crumbly shale (i.e. I could easily break up and dig out the shale with a shovel if I really didn’t want to bring in excavation equipment)
  • NY State’s Hudson Valley
  • work done this spring (I hope)
    Are we talking $20,000? $5,000? $50,000? I’m just looking for a rough guess to the nearest, say, $5,000. Thanks for your tolerance.

You can go here: http://www.arxxbuild.com/technical/estimating_manual/index.html and use the Arxx block estimating worksheet. Looks like you can input all the data for the ICFs and get that price.

I used the Arxx blocks on my house. IIRC a standard block used .11 CuYds of concrete. I might not be remembering correctly though. I suspect that the correctly filled out worksheet would give you the amount of concrete required.

I have no idea how this translates to you, but here goes:

Los Angeles
Approx. July of ‘05
Crawlspace foundation
Formed and poured
Footprint 1450 sf
Footings 6’ deep below grade
Foundation 2’ high above grade (flood zone)
Various interior supporting stem walls
61 yards concrete total

Excavation was cheap since I have a friend with a backhoe: $900
Forms, place concrete, finish, etc.: $16,500

Good luck to you!

Footings 6 feet below grade? :eek: Damn that is one hell of a footing. I dug apartment and condo footings (2 and 3 story buildings) that only had footings 3’ deep.
The soil in your area must be really loose.

No, the soil’s great. It’s for flood scour.

Given the hypothetical worst-case scenario flood, the hydrology study determined the potential to “scour” out several feet of grade. So, 6 feet deep for a little 1-story house.

Thanks, Jpeg. A handy ballpark figure.

Growing up in Wisconsin required footings eight feet below grade.

Poor soil? Nope.

Frost depth.

Gary you have mail, have a couple Q’s about arxx block usage.

What is this “frost” you speak of?