Home steam cleaners, as seen on tv.

Those things you put water in and steam clean your stove burners, tile grout, and BBQ grill, etc like magic. How well do they work?

I own one. it sits in the part of my apartment which needs cleaning.

It just so happens that my friend’s husband is a marketing guy, and these things are one of his accounts. They have one, and while I was staying with them I saw her use it on a ton of things; she says it works great and she likes it a lot. She is btw a clean freak, much neater than I am. I’ve never tried one myself and can’t personally vouch for it or anything, but she wouldn’t fib to me about it just because her husband advises on the ads, FWIW. I haven’t seen the TV ads, because (O joy) I have TiVo and never see ads at all.

Sometimes I think I’ll get Tivo so’s I can watch only the ads. :wink: Like when there are only reality-type shows and sitcoms on.

Only worthwile use I have ever found for mine is defrosting the freezer.

I bought one from Home Shopping Network a year or so ago. No way does it work the same at home as it does while they’re hawking it on the air. I used it 3-4 times…the steam lasts only a minute or two while on television it seems to go on and on and on and on…

I’ll send it to you for free if you’ll pay shipping.

Very generous offer, but I think I’ll pass. I checked epinions and got pretty much the same, well, opinions.
Give to Mikee. :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks for savyng me some bucks. I’ll just get out the ol’ Comet.
BTW; can’t you send it back?

Does it heat the water, or do you have to put hot water in it?
I had one of those carpet steam cleaners that you had to put hot water in. It wasn’t very steamy.

I have one. Didn’t buy it from an infomercial, but I checked and it’s the same product.

Works great for me-- for spot cleaning and washing walls. Don’t think you’re going to clean an entire floor with it, but it makes quick work of small jobs.

Does it plug into the wall, or have batteries? The one we have plugs in. If you fill the water tank you get about 15 minutes of steam.

As for how it works…pretty well. Except it doesn’t do anything for the shower walls. Can’t expect miracles, I guess, not with water with a high iron content.

I had one that worked quite well until it cracked, mildly scalding two of my fingers. It was a handheld model manufactured by DeLonghi. Despite the scalding, I attempted to purchase another but the product seemed to have been discontinued.

One caveat regarding steam cleaners is that they will not remove stains, magically or otherwise (as one reviewer on Epinions seems to have expected).

Ours plugs into the wall. We get 3-4 minutes of steam…tops.

I should have sent it back…but like an idiot, I threw away the box… Maybe I can join in the next white elephant thread and send it to an unsuspecting participant… :smiley:

We have one - I can’t remember the brand - but it works great. I use it all the time. If you’re interested, I can get you the name tomorrow…

no one else wants it, I’ll take it.

I have a Steam Blaster. It’s like a floor canister with a 5 foot hose.

I use it on my stove top and oven and oven door. Grill, too. Works great wherever there is grease. At times I’ve used it for cleaning auto parts.

Never used it for cleaning any really big areas, like the walls or floor.

It has a ready light that stays on about 30 seconds when you are steaming. Then you got to turn the steam off for about a minute so it can build up again.

If I didn’t do as much cooking as I do, I wouldn’t need to own one.