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Has anyone heard of a rationale concerning the government mandating private insurance pay for home test kits but exempting Medicare? The only reason I can think of is that they do not want to spend the money in the Medicare trust fund. Given that, by definition, Medicare recipients are all high risk (elderly or disabled) makes it seem particularly egregious.

Could you please cite this? I find it hard to believe you have it right. But maybe I’m just being hopeful.

Here is is from the Medicare website: How to get your At-Home Over-The-Counter COVID-19 Test for Free | CMS

The part where they finally get around to admitting they are screwing Medicare folks is #14. To me, burying it like this, is consciousness of guilt.

Above that it says you can go to aproved health clinics, of which there is absolutely 0 within 30 minutes of my house, they are in crummy parts of town, and, worse of all, is full of sick people you would have to be around. Or sign up for the free government giveaway that doesn’t start until next week, and all those tests will likely be snatched up by people more used to shopping online then the average Medicare recipient.

This is from #14:

…At this time original Medicare cannot pay for at-home tests through this program. Medicare Advantage plans may offer coverage and payment for at-home over-the-counter COVID-19 tests, so consumers covered by Medicare Advantage should check with their plan.

Exactly. Medicare will not pay for the at home tests. It is stupid and a travesty.

Medicare advantage (aka Part C) has an HMO type structure. While it is part of medicare, it is not the type of plan that the majority of participants have. And even then it only “might.”

That really is extremely stupid. The most vulnerable population in the country. Damn our medical system.

Free at home tests

From the US government
starting January 19

For some reason none of the news articles linkify the site. It is covidtests.gov, but not until January 19.

My second round of free at home tests from Colorado haven’t shipped yet.