Home Theater Options?

We’ve inherited a really nice bookshelf/entertainment center from family, and it came with a 40" TV (CRT no less- weighs ~200 lbs). I’d like to get a surround sound system to complement the screen size.

Are there any good options in the ~$200 USD range? If there aren’t, it won’t hurt my feelings. I’ve seen the models at the various big-box stores, and they range anywhere from 50-200, but I’m reasonably sure they aren’t the best bang for the buck.
Any ideas, especially with specific models/brands/features would be appreciated.

Actually, for the ~$200 price range, the units you saw at the big box stores probably are the best bang for the buck.
Something like this SONY unit is $200 for a 5.1 high powered system (add your own dvd player). It’s probably not the greatest sound you can buy but it’s not a piece of no-name garbage either.
I don’t know where you’d get more bang for your buck in a $200 surround system.