Homebrew Does Dallas or What to Do This Weekend

I can no longer suffer the mind-numbing boredom of this small town. I must go somewhere this weekend, especially since it’s a three-day weekend. So it will be Dallas (it’s only a 3 hour drive).

My “To Do” list is as follows:

[li]Eat at least one meal at Ojeda’s[/li][li]Eat at least one burger from Hunky’s[/li][li]Possibly get a tattoo[/li][li]Peruse the stacks at the Crossroads[/li][li]Buy some new clothes*[/li][/ul]

If you know of anything going on this weekend in Big-D, especially anything queer, please add to my list.

*Once I came out of the Closet and got divorced (finalized May 3), the open door allowed light into the closet. I noticed that with the new light, my wardrobe is very dull, drab and straight. Should I directly to Outlines or is there somewhere more practical? Keep in mind that after 7 years married, even more in the closet and fighting depression, I’ve put on a little more weight than I should carry. I need some fun clothes to fit a larger man. Where can they be found?