Homebrewing dopers, what's in your carboy right now?

Thanks Beagle and Ethilrist for the hop info. I’ll do some homework.
Its interesting that you say the first year isn’t great; my first attempt years ago was disappointing, maybe I should have given them a second chance.

I’m surprised at all the mead people here. Do you guys go jousting, too ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, Northern Brewer in St. Paul. I’ve had great service from them.

I have also ordered several times from St. Pat’s in Austin. I’ve heard lots of complaints, but until they do me wrong I see no need to believe the hype.

Beers I’d like to clone: Delirium Nocturnum and Duvel Belgian Ale. Wow those are great. Fat tire Amber ain’t bad either.

Nope, no jousting here, Chuck. Horses and I have an agreement: I don’t try to ride them, and they don’t try to ride me. :slight_smile:

I have been known to watch folks break a few lances, though.

Ahh, it’s nice to read about all these other honey beers, I love using honey to boost the AC of my beers. Last summer I brewed a deceptively strong Honey Wheat, around 8%, that was so easy to drink and light tasting one of my friends nicked named it (rather crudely) “Date Rape Beer” it was very easy to get very drunk on that one without realizing it.

My favorite honey enhanced monster though is a dark winter warmer I made this past winter. Loosely based on a basic porter recipe, but with more extract and more speciality grains, plus 4lbs of clover honey. It came out to about 9.5% IIRC. That one needed to age a while before it was drinkable, 3 months between brewing and tapping, but when it came out oh man it was worth it. Rich and smooth on the way down and made you feel all warm and happy inside. Until you had your second pint, then it just left you on the floor :smiley:

Oh yea, ** Chuck ** I don’t joust either, but I have been known to praise Odin and sing songs of the Halls of Valhalla when drunk on mead :stuck_out_tongue: