Homeland Stupidity

An interesting site that details the way Homeland Security is “helping” to protect us. Such as this little gem:

As the article goes on to show, the plan is, very soon, I might add, to rollout a system which will send just those kind of alerts to your cellphone. Won’t that be handy? Having your cellphone go off in the middle of the night to let you know that something, somewhere, might be going wrong. Or not.

Our local news station is running a story about how DHS has awarded grants for protecting possible terrorist targets. One of the supposed targets is a large Ant Farm.

Yes, that’s right. The “terrists” could be targeting your ant farm.

Nothing is sacred this days…

Leaves the room mumbling and shaking the head

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How many counties have the same names in this area ?

This point in and of itself may well be pit worthy. There needs to be some “opt out” provision in this thing. I don’t want the federales ringing my cell phone any time some freaking agency decides something bad might happen. This is why Karana gives us CNN. If aliens are landing in my city, I’m confident the noise will wake me in time to fetch my weapons and earn a ticket to Valhalla. Otherwise, it can wait until morning.

Also wondering who is going to pay for the air time Uncle Sugar is using up to notify me that the national threat level has changed from “Uh-oh” to “Dammit”…

How else are you going to know that GW is on the job, protecting you from harm?

The only equivalent that I can think of the irrational response to 9/11 was the reaction to Orson Welles’ MercuryTheaterThe War Of The Worlds.

New York Times article on the subject. Take heart: they are also protecting the beach at the end of the street.