Homemade Glass Cleaner

I have a question, if anyone can answer. I created a homemade glass cleaner that is non-toxic (1-Liter spray bottle, capful vinegar, capful dish soap (dawn) and purified water (pur) and it works better than Windex and polishes chrome and stainless steel, and eats off brake dust too. Its great but, I was curious, does such a small amount, maybe 5ML of vinegar per liter of liquid, have a substantial antimicrobial effect as well? Also the tincture seems to evaporate off of surfaces as fast as windex, must faster than just water? What causes this, the DAWN or the Vinegar? and why?

Just curious.



Perhaps the detergent reduces the surface tension of the water, allowing it to evaporate more quickly.

I really doubt that mixture would be “anti-microbial”. It may be fine at cleaning surfaces (and really, doing that requires far less soap than most people assume) but it’s not germ-killing.

If you want a germ-killing cleaner I’d suggest diluted bleach. Bleach bottles almost always have instructions for mixing one up on the bottle label. Of course, it may cause discoloration on some surfaces.