Homemade hot sauce question

I think this is my first SDMB thread :eek:
How do you safely bottle and/or store homemade hot sauce?

Hi cgg419. I don’t know why you’re asking, but I’m not that knowledgeable about hot sauce - are you afraid it might explode?

Around these parts (the Netherlands) Indonesian inspired Sambal is one of the commonest hot (to extremely hot) condiments, and its pretty much made from your favorite chopped chillis, fried with optional onions and other spices. A friend of mine makes a lot of it, and he just puts it in a jar and sticks it in the fridge. It seems to keep for ages (months, at least), probably because of the heat. If you don’t trust that to keep it from spoiling, most things will keep in even a moderately cool environment if you keep it in a sealed container and add enough salt, sugar or vinegar.