Homeopathic remedy recalled for not being just water

Seriously. For real. The FDA site has information on a homeopathic remedy recall.

So, as long as they are selling bottles of water, (which science as we know it believes is effective for treating dehydration only) the FDA has no issue. That’s sad.

Homeopathic suppositories? Really?

Teeny tiny enema?:smiley:

Unfortunately “homeopathic” no longer means “just water”, but instead means “get out of oversight free if you write this magic word on the box”.

Some are allergic to penicillin, thus the recall.



Welp, I know where I will be petitioning my representatives to make budget cuts.

There is hope. Harkin is retiring.

I’ll offer up this also. The FDA approved sale of the narcotic Zohydro, a time release hydrocodone that even people within the FDA say is a horrible product. I first learned about it from a guy I know who abuses opioids. He already has a “preorder” in with the guy he buys from.

There may be more light in the tunnel than we originally thought, though. I haven’t looked everywhere but as an example, the NCCAM website’s page on homeopathy basically says that it’s unsupported by evidence, is inconsistent with fundamental laws of chemistry and physics, is regulated by the FDA but not for safety or effectiveness (wtf are they regulating then?), homeopathic drugs can cause side effects and adverse drug interactions and that you should inform your doctor of any homeopathic drugs you plan to take or are taking (I assume so that they’ll know it’s colloidal silver when you turn up blue at the ER.)

Due respect, but I’m not sure the approval of a reformulated pain medication (which actually does work, but has potential for abuse like any other opioid) really compares to the pissing away of ~$2 billion on worthless woo bullshit.

Best of luck to your friend, though. I suppose it won’t be long until boxes of Zohydro begin falling off the back of trucks.

Not a friend, just someone I know. I was impressed by the fact that he knew about Zohydro (he called it Hydro) long before its mention in the mainstream news.

But, yeah, fuckin’ FDA. An embarrassment all over.

I guess that’s better than a sugar pill…

Gives “Bet your sweet ass” meaning?