Homeowners: Do You Spray For Termites?

That should probably say “against” termites :stuck_out_tongue: but it seems to be the common phrase.

Just wondering - I know the former owners of this house did, and I also noticed a patch of likely damage in one wall (it doesn’t seem to be getting bigger). Never seen any termites flying or crawling around here, though.

I hate poisons and pesticides and really don’t want to use them more than necessary.

My house is 250 years old and we don’t spray for anything. The house has proved its strength over the years.

Don’t spray until you see evidence of termites. Then it’s best to call a professional exterminator.

My understanding is that “Spraying” is pretty much worthless against termites. If you have them, the only way to terminate them is by drilling into the foundation, and injecting poison.

Interesting - thanks for the opinions. It’s one of those things that’s advertised so heavily, it’s hard for me to sort out the truth.

Like Shagnasty, my house has stood the test of time. It’s 160 years old and the bones are made of cedar logs. I dare a termite to try anything.


We just treated our garage for termites. The inspector from the company that did it said the little buggers actually eat the paper that covers the building materials underneath the siding before they go for the wood. It’s expensive to have the treatment done, but considering how much it would cost to fix the damage if you let it go, it’s worth it.

The company we hired used Premise - it contains imidacloprid, the same ingredient used in the Advantage flea control for dogs. They are both made by Bayer. Termidor, the other popular product, contains fipronil, which is used in Frontline and Frontline Plus flea and tick treatment. My personal experience with dogs and these products has found Advantage to both work better and be safer.

I had to have my house “tented” when I sold it. What a scam!
I had no damage whatever, but the scam artist self-appointed termite inspector claimed my woodpile, not next to the house even, might contain termites, although he didn’t even test it, and that they might fly to the house any time, so he “couldn’t” give me a clean inspection report. And the bank refused to allow a second opinion, and his report would stay on file even if we found a new lender. Talk about a license to steal!
So they put a circus tent over the whole house, fill it with some gas, which supposedly leaves no residue, and you are all set for the next two days! Two days! He said, since there is no residue, and he didn’t even treat the wood pile, that they might land while we were still in escrow. Fortunately, the deal finished and we had shelled out thousands for absolutely nothing.

Living in the desert in a house on stumps, I have the house sprayed every 12 months with a spray that is deadly to termites but not to my cat. The white ants in my part of the world are ferocious. The house across the road had never been sprayed and is about the same age as mine. One day the new owner leaned against the door jamb and fell through it. The termites had completely eaten the door frame down to the enamel paint.

I don’t own, but my parents do. As far as I know, in nearly 25 years in two different houses, they have never sprayed for termites or had to deal with termites at all. I’m sure there are plenty of termites in New Mexico, but they haven’t had a problem in the middle of Albuquerque.

Of course, out here, you could get a house made out of real adobe and avoid the problem entirely.

I DIY for pest control around my house but I don’t specifically target termites. I posted a thread just last week in this forum about my recent termite experience (also asked questions without much response). In my case, I don’t think there’s much I could do anyway to spray for subterranean termites because there’s no effective way to get the termicide down to where they may be.

Termites have better sense than to live where I do.