Homeowners recognize & capture burglars, hold at gunpoint until cops arrive.

Man, these burglars just kept coming back. They robbed these people’s home two days earlier. Then had just robbed another home when they were recognized and caught. Car packed full of stolen loot.

Criminals better leave this neighborhood alone. Even the ladies are packing heat.


I’ wish the road had been named after the local brothel rather than the birds.

This was a risky choice. There’s a lot of ways it could have gone wrong. Confronting someone out on the open road isn’t the same as catching them inside your house. They’re lucky the car was full of stolen items and no gunshots were fired. Otherwise it might have been the homeowners getting arrested.

So what is a gobbler knob (or Gobbler’s Knob); other than the hill where Punsuxy Phil does/not see his shadow?

Hee, hee. Switch around “gobbler” and “knob” and there’s your answer. :smiley:

Huh. Looks like you can menace someone with a pink pistol. Granted it looks like there were a few more.

“Homeowners getting arrested” could also just mean that the cops will sort everything out later, not that they would get in trouble and the burglars would get off scot free. I’d be more worried about someone doing something stupid.

Well, I recommend against it. There was a similar “hero” in a nearby town this weekend who caught some kids breaking into cars, held them at gunpoint on the porch until the cops arrive. Oops, one of them took out a piece of his own, and shot him dead.

Don’t have time to link, but Google it - it was in Portage, Indiana. It sucks that this guy died, but threatening to shoot some teenagers for rifling through cars? Ridiculous.

Maybe (INAL) its legal to do that in their state.

Maybe they won’t get a DA who looks at it & says “OK, I’ve got 3 easy win convictions on possession of stolen property, 3 easy convictions for menacing (or whatever gun charge that can easily be proven by the video tape).
Six wins to bump my batting average? Done. So, whose ordering take-out?”

A hill with turkeys on it?