Homeplates in the NW?

Well, your treatment of the question was accurate, and comical considering the passion with which traditionalists cling to the way things were. But I believe you forgot to actually address the why. Yes all parks are SW or NW orientation because of the setting sun, and the thrill of the sun field is great especially on cold spring games in Chi-town, but why the change in Comiskey. Here is my take, and while unsubstantiated, I’m fairly sure this was important in their decision. The NW orientation is chosen not for any indoor consideration, but to take advantage of the fact hat it was built next to the old parks locale. As any Chicagoan should know near the main enterance to the new park is a variety of attractions most notably the old location of homeplate. I believe the orientation was set to take advantage of the traffic entering the main entrance, and allowing a fresh area to set the staging area for ticket sales and gate entry. Maintaining the old orientation, would have meant placing the main enterence near the less than plush surroundings of Pershing Road, and creating possible road crossing concerns. The chosen orientation lends itself to easy unobstructed traffic from the parking lots to the large clearing where the old park was.

So while your answer was correct, yet evasive (planning on running for office?). i can assure you the choice was all too practical. The decision was made by a bunch of enginerds, with no interest in the preservation of rich baseball tradition.

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Yes, of course, but my purpose wasn’t to explain why Comiskey was built the way it was - that was obvious - but to make the case that this right field=sun field thing wasn’t the inflexible baseball tradition that some people were claiming it was.