Homer Simpson blames Twin Peaks as he bows out of Wimbledon

Homer Simpson lookalike Radek Stepanek falls to journeyman doubles specialist Jonas Bjorkman in the quarter finals at Wimbledon. Afterwards, clearly upset after losing out in five sets, he cites girlfriend Martina Hingis’s 1970s vampy cheese-cloth look (sadly no photo) for his demise, managing only two words in response to journalists’ questions: “D’Oh” and “D’Oh”.

You seem to be speaking English, and yet… I cannot understand what exactly this is about. I’m also not seeing the Simpson/Stepanek resemblance.

Your thread is BUILT ON LIES. I demand a refund.

Damn it! You’ve ruined the joke. There is no resemblance!

Radek Stepanek does have “Kent” as part of his name, and Bjorkman is vaguely similar to “Brockman”.

That’s all I got.

Count me in the Thoroughly Mystified or Thoroughly Whooshed catagory, depending on your perspective.

Are you sure there’s no photo of Martina Hingis in cheesecloth?

I think he looks more like Alfred E. Neuman .

Okay, looks like we’ve cracked it: Stepanek is the result of a terrible experiment that went wrong 28 years ago at Seaworld.

But that still doesn’t explain how he got Angelina Jolie’s lips.

Jon, are you out there?