Homer's Woohoo, pitch and the WAV format

I’m trying to create a program which will help me sing better by giving me realtime feedback on my pitch. Programs I have found are either thousand of dollars or don’t provide detailed enough information or both. (So if you know of one feel free to point me toward it!)

I am analyzing the WAV format to see if a naive count of the waveform maxima will give me a good measure of the prevailing frequency.

The WAV I am analyzing is a clip of Homer going “Woohoo!”. Using a count of the maxima it appears the sound is 500 hz. Assuming I know which key is middle C on my electric keyboard (havent taken music lessons in decades,) it seems to be about right (i.e. a little above B4).

Question: am I totally off in thinking “Woohoo” is around 500 hz?

Following Question: assuming one source of sound (and humans IIRC can’t really sing two notes at once :slight_smile: ), is simply counting the maxima in a non-compressed WAV file a good way to determine the frequency?