Homestar Runner: What the heck is 'Ey Steve?

Tarnik’s recent thread reminded me of a question I wanted to ask. In the Strong Bad E-mail Crazy Cartoon, what is the character 'Ey Steve? One buddy of mine thinks he’s a Mayan temple or something, and another thinks he’s a rug. I think he looks like a bathroom tile. What say you, Teeming Dozens… er, Millions?

I’d go for the Mayan… thing interpretation. Who knew that the Mayans could also be so sassy?

I’m going for rug with Mayan patterns.

Strong Bad’s reply is as usual hilarious. “Sweet Cuppin Cakes” indeed.

I always figured he was a thingy with Greek designs. His accent sounds Italian.

But the cow-helicopter looks nothing like either a cow or a helicopter, so why should Eh Steve look like anything?

If the accent is Italian then shouldn’t it be a roman tile design?

People! You’re making assumptions based on the idea that these things make sense. This is after all a cuh-razy cartoon.

But I thought he(?) was a rock with Mayan designs.

I know you’re out there somewhere, Eh Steve! I’ll blast you 'til tomorrow noooooooooooon!!!

He’s a towel.

I always looked at him as more Mayan. But then again, he’s a bit part in a cartoon animated by a man with gloves for hands who answers email on a screen within a screen on your screen, who who the heck knows?


P.S. I just got a Homestar Runner t-shirt, a Homsar shirt, some The Cheat decals, and a Homestar Runner bumper sticker. I am still awesome. :slight_smile:

Strong Bad specifically stated he doesn’t do cartoons. So Eh Steve is a bit part in a cartoon that would be animated by a man with gloves for hands if he could, but did appear as a bit part in a cartoon animated by said man’s good, yellow-colored friend who animates on a screen within a screen on your screen (and is pretty concieted in his cartoon).


Here, The Cheat, have a trophy!

Actually, before we get into what is 'Ey Steve, what is Strong Bad?

I think he might be a Mexican wrestler, but I have no clue, really.

…but it didn’t deserve a trophy. I don’t even think it deserved a pizza. Maybe a…pizza-trophy.

Strong Bad’s appearance is based on a Mexican wrestler, and his name comes from a team called “The Strong Bads” from an old NES game called Tag Team Pro Wrestling. But that is not to say he actually is a Mexican wrestler.

What we do know about him is that that’s not a mask, that’s actually his face (“Do you take off your face and hands before you go to bed? What are you, some kinda robot? And if you are, do you use your powers for good or for awesome?”), those are his hands, not boxing gloves (and please don’t ask him how he types with them), he is somehow able to give the finger with his boxing glove hands (“BOOOSH…the Double Deuce!”), and that on a scale of one to awesome, he’s super-great.

So it’s really hard to say what he is. He’s Strong Bad.

Next on 60 Minutes II: The Cheat – Anvil, Cheese or Cheesy Anvil?

Speaking of such things, is Homsar a visual metaphor for the abstract concept of a typographical error?

I think so. I’m trying to figure out how Homestar picks things up without arms.

Oh well…

goes back to playing Trogdar: the Burniator

'Ey Steve always struck me as looking like a fez.

Well, let’s not get into what ALL the HSR characters are. After all, what is Homestar? How does he make sandwiches without hands? And what is Marzipan? I believe that she’s really shaped like a sausage, with a head at one end and a butt and vagina at the other end, with no limbs… and that her dress is really a prosthesis that lets her move around.

And what is Coach Z? Or Bubs? What the hell is up with the Poopsmith? And how come nobody likes the King of Town?

I got one of the Strong Bad shirts, my girlfriend has the Homsar shirt, and my buddy has the Trogdor (in the NIIIIIIIGHT!!!) bumper stickers.