Homicidal Maniac loose in this thread ( a game)

The game is that we are in a large mansion on a dark and stormy night. I Zebra have been killed in the study. The killer is, well nobody knows who the killer is not even me. Not yet.
Everyone should post where they are wandering through the mansion.

To be the killer dash off an email to me where in you knock me off in a witty manner and then I will choose who wrote the best death and that person shall be the killer. I’ll post the death to the thread (and email the killer) Everyone else will be in the victim pool.

The killer will then select a victim and write an email to the victim(s) and the victim will in turn post their death scene to the board. The other people in the mansion can start guessing who the killer is and the killer if named will confess.

Basically a writing contest/ guess who is writing this contest.

So post where you are in the mansion and then if you want to be considered for killer email how you did me in to zebrazebra123@hotmail.com. I’ll pick the killer by 9 tonight EST and then the fun can begin.

If we are having a lot of fun we could streatch out the game by getting a new killer.

OH come on people! Still plenty of good rooms to meet your untimely end in available.

No!! Not Zebra!

:shrug: I guess it beats bein buck nekkid together in an open grave again.

I’m in the loo.

Adjusting my tie.

Hmm. I’m in the upstairs hallway.

I’m asleep on the couch. Knock out. Maybe murdered… or maybe I did it myself. Which may or may not have been… murder. Or was it?

I’m in the library, browsing through musty old books, and shiny new books, and everything in between. I want a library like this some day, with bookshelves filling all the wall space and soft comfy chairs to read in.

I’m in the kitchen fixing a ham sandwich.
trots off to the kitchen to fix a ham sandwich

I’m under the bed flipping through porno mags.


Who’s bed is this??

I’m in the cellar, raiding the wine bottles

I’m in the cellar, raiding the wine bottles

I’m in the poorly lit garage preparing power tools for some home maintenance projects I want to start tomorrow.

I’m in the garden smelling the roses.


I`m lost.

I’m in the kitchen sharpening the big knives.

To cook dinner with. Why do you ask?

Grasshopper is probably raiding the fridge, my back is to em (and eir back is to me).

Got a killer yet?

I’m in the den watching “SVU”.

Zebra was studying in the study. He was a very studious Zebra. He was studying some artwork to see if it
was faked. When suddenly a cat jumped out and starteld the studying Zebra. That wasn’t his cat and that startled the startled Zebra even moor. Suddenly everyone else in the house heard a no

(I think the killer should go after the hampsters)
back in a second.

Amended rules on accusing a murderer.
You must be in the house during a murder to accuse someone.

Remember the murderer is someone in the thread already so that limits the suspects.

The murderer must wait until at least three accusations are made after a murder OR three hours pass which ever comes first.

You may only accuse once per murder cycle.

You do not accumulate accusations. If you do not accuse after a murder and then the killer strikes again you do not get two guesses in the next cycle.

I Zebra will be posting all ‘murders’. The killer is emailing them to me. That way only I and the killer know who is doing this. If you are murdered you identical twin/triplet ect may come into the house looking for your killer.