Honda has created a functional robot

No, not “fully” functional (I assume).

This sentence sort of gives me the chills:

I’ve probably read too much science fiction, but I can’t help wondering if this is the best idea. We have 6 billion humans on the planet, and we still feel the need to create artificial ones?

So, general discussion - robots good, bad, serve a particular role, humans shouldn’t try to play god? Thoughts?

(The name “Asimo” is a nice touch, though.)

Tobor Redrum! Tobor Redrum!

The way I see it…when robots finally become cheap and reliable enough to replace most human jobs, humanity will finally be able to “phase out” the roles filled by our economic lower classes.

Then, of course, the slaughter of the “surplus” population will begin. (Aka “Standard Anime Plot #44”) Which, actually, will be more humane than simply allowing them to linger and starve in hopeless poverty. (Aka “Standard Anime Plot #6”)

Anyway…no, I have no qualms about “playing God.” Since he hasn’t deigned to show his face all the other times we humans have gone against nature, I don’t see any reason to stop now.

[Crow T. Robot] Tag, you’re god! [/Crow T. Robot]

(Or was it Tom Servo?)

Automation is inevitable.

You may not realise it, but automation is all around you. Robots do many things better and faster than humans ever could. In many processes, human intervention is actually being done away with almost entirely.

It’s only now that technology has advanced enough to allow automation to enter your home in a way that’s hard to miss. Maybe Asimo’s humanoid shape freaks you out, robots have been improving our quality of life for many years now, and they will continue to do so.

Sex Chocolate & Whorebots
Hell once they’ve perfected the above the human race is doomed. After all, the main reason for education and cleanliness is to attract a sex partner. Few more years and we’ll never have to leave the house!! Become a Whore-o-bot repair man now. You’ll be rich!!

Yes, one day soon the robots will hold our manga while we soak in the furo. It will be an aeon of joy throughout the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere.

I shot a robot in my panties this morning.
How he got there I’ll never know!–Groucho Marx.

As soon as Sony gets their SEVS-44936 EDS into production, I won’t ever have to leave the house again. Just gotta make sure I get the H model.

Actually, I’ve written an essay on this topic (some of the illustrations in the essay are not work safe so I’ve double linked it per Dope policy) – most of the technologies needed to develop whorebots are already in developed or fully developed. Frex, robotic hands (one of the hardest elements) are being developed for industrial apps. The Japanese Honda robot is getting the walking thing down. And Poser programmers are developing software to create sexy walks.

And of course, Real Dolls get you halfway there.

Well, of course the discussion has immediately gone to whore-bots. :smack: I hadn’t even thought of that.

gouda, I realize there is a lot of automation, but you’re right - it’s the idea of a robot walking around my house that is making my skin prickle a little.

Sorry to have lowered the tone of your thread :wink:

Anyway featherlou, is it only the thought of them ‘walking’ that upsets you? You can now purchase a robotic vacuum cleaner which will learn the layout of your house by itself, will vaccuum the carpets according to a preset routine, and will return to its docking station when it gets hungry (ok when its batteries are getting low, but the parallel is there).

Personally, I would love one of these, whereas the idea of an upright robot pushing a Dyson around the place would most assuredly give me the wiggins. Probably because the former has not been humanized, but the latter has.
Robotic vacuum cleaner

ASIMO, which what I assume you’re talking about, is still tethered to a trailer the size of a VW Microbus to cart around his power supply and processor bank. The humanoid robot part is primarily a collection of sensors, servos, and some hydraulics… the majority of the robot is decidedly unhumanoid and tucked off stage.

I still think it’s cool, but I’m not going to be terribly impressed by anything ASIMO (or any other robot) does until he’s a stand-alone unit… or at least wireless. It could work to have a “House Computer” and various robots controlled via WiFi. So I guess it’s just a matter of power supply at this point.