Honda Odyssey second row seat

Is stuck in the folded position. (2003 Model) The lever that controls this has much more play than the healthy other side. How do I access the mechanism, and once there, how do I fix it? What is likely wrong?

Take the seat out, first of all. I believe you’ll see how to take off the plastic cover on that side, and from there, you should be able to find the disconnected or broken link in the mechanism.

Such things are not at all complicated, but you have to go past all the beauty panels and cover-ups to get to the linkage of levers, springs, catches, etc.

ETA: Use the other side seat as a working comparison, if need be. That might help spot more subtle problems like a stretched spring, missing secondary link, etc.

I am struck on removing the lever. Need to do this to remove trim and connot figure out how to do that.