Honda Passport Fuel Tank

I have a '97 Honda Passport. Most of the time when I am filling the fuel tank, I have to hold the pump at a high angle. That is to say that I cannot lock the trigger and let the pump rest on the edge of the tank. As soon as I start to lower the pump, it will shut off. Maybe it thinks the tank is full???

I’ve only had the car/truck for about two years (bought it used), but I have always had this problem. ‘Older’ gas pumps seem to be a bit more forgiving.

Why is this happening? Does anyone else have similar problems with their vehicles, Honda or otherwise? What can I do to resolve this? It bugs the hell out of me that I can’t clean my windshield while the gas is pumping!

Don’t know about you Honda, but here’s a website on how gas pumps work:

IMO, the “natural”, or free-standing angle of the nozzle prevents adequate air flow, and the pump shuts off.

Sometimes the vapors build up and set off the sensor. I usually hold the nozzle about an inch back from all the way in and then it works fine.