Honey, did you tell our state senator that it was okay to put his sign in our yard?


“It should probably go.”


It’s not our state rep, whom I have disliked since I knew him in high school. And it’s not our village trustee, whom Wife has known forever and has been useful and whose signs are always welcome. But, out of the blue, our state senator, a Republican, has placed a campaign sign in my front yard. Where the fuck does he get off violating the lawn of a Yellow-Dog Democrat and his more-liberal wife?

It has snowed so it would be noticeable if I were to piss on it, but that would involve me pissing in my front yard and everybody knows that’s what the back yard is for.

I suggest you amend the sign. Top: “Don’t vote for”, bottom: “This sign was placed here without permission. That’s the kind of guy he is.”

Did you see him do it?

That’s so ridiculous I have a hard time believing this wasn’t some stupid kid goofing around.

Is it on your land, or the easement? That will make a difference as to who call to complain. Don’t just pull the sign out and toss it in the trash, call and be loud with your outrage. Do call yell at the right people, please.

Now, I’m gonna assume that you don’t live in a state that makes Rhode Island look expansive, and that Mr. Senator wasn’t going door to door himself putting signs in your fescue. Nevertheless, the former interpretation completely reminds me of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFV2QYsw9yo&feature=related

On the lawn, not the easement. He, or his people, trespassed.

ETA: They probably messed up, but I can still have fun.

Hey, its your sign now. It’s like an unwanted gift you got in the mail. The sign is yours.

I agree with jjimm’s suggestion. Use daylight hot pink to deface the sign and leave it there. It will be gone tomorrow.

I have a couple of signs from a friend of mine that ran for office last fall. No disrespect to my buddy, but I have discovered they make excellent stands to tape paper targets to down at the gun club…

It’s a fairly harmless trespass. But it could be a mistake. I’ve been out on the sign run, with a hand-scrawled set of addresses to put signs on. I doubt every one went up on the right lawn. Dispose of it if you don’t like it. It will be trash before long anyway.

I do my shooting with air guns indoors, Oak,but I like your style.

Didn’t expect I could, the way I shake, put five in the center of a quarter at 20 feet.

I know someone who built an outhouse out of old election signs. :slight_smile:


Pretty breezy come winter, though. Where you at?

I’ve known my state rep. since middle school, and haven’t been able to look at him since he got a little too “touchy-feely” with a 13 year old, senior year of highschool. The fact that 15 years later he is a “Family values” Tea-party Republican only makes it better.

I knew a guy who was approached by a woman who was running for city council, asking permission to put a sign in his yard. New to our city of Topeka, he saw no reason not to, and allowed it.

The couple next door, who previously had been friendly to him, cut him off and got surly. They were a lesbian couple. Turns out the lady running for city council was one Jael Phelps, a granddaughter of Fred Phelps. When I explained Fred to him he called his wife at home and told her to go outside and remove the sign.

The neighbors resumed being friendly after that!

Don’t be getting too hateful, to the candidate now, chances are it’s a teenage prankster who thought it’d be funny to shuffle up the political signs.

No, it was actually his staff. They even left a thank you card, with a number to call if I should want to donate money. Or yell, “Get this fucking sign out of my yard, you Republican bastard!” Which would be more fun than putting it in the trash myself.

So did you remove the sign or not?

What kind of idiot:

  1. Has never heard of Fred Phelps, especially one moving to Wichita?!
  2. Puts political signs up for people he just met/has never heard of?

I thought the back yard was for taking a dump.

Or a friend that knows his political background and is playing a joke on him…

So many possibilities…