"Honey! The inventor of the TV dinner's done!"

From the AP (not the A&P):

Best. Obit thread title. Ever.

Bless you, Eve.
(I just have this vision of the morticians rolling up the foil on the man’s coffin…)

I’m surprised that the AP left out the other half of the story: the TV Dinner was the solution for the question of what to do with 260 tons of frozen Thanksgiving turkey.

In his honor, the funeral will be today, at 4:25, for 25 minutes.

Now THAT’S funny!!

In lieu of flowers, attendees of the funeral have been asked to bring forks so they can poke holes in the casket. This will allow for proper ventilation.

For the last ten minutes, they’ll peel back the corner of his casket.

And his center will still be frozen.

Most likely, his edges will be burned.

So I guess in the future people will say he was buried in a trench once, in 2005, after 25 minutes?

Why, that’s the most beautiful segmented casket I’ve ever seen. Look, the meat’s all seperated from the stuffing.

So will he need to rest for one to two minutes to cool after the funeral? I’d think that after being dead for a couple of days, he wouldn’t need to.

The really neat thing is I can mourn his passing without missing any of my favorite programs. How convient!

I just want to say that Eve’s thread titles alone are worth the price of admission.