Honor Harrington saga question

I know there are a few other fans of David Weber’s Honor Harrington series here, so maybe one of you can help me out.

I’m going to spoil this for those that haven’t read them all yet, but it references an ancillary character that’s a little more developed in the spin-off books such as Shadow of Saganami:

Was the story of Helen Zilwicki’s foundling sister’s activities on Torch ever published? I’ve seen it referenced a few times as “that business on Torch,” mostly in the aforementioned book.

If it is written, where can I find it?

I noticed it in SoS, and drove myself a little crazy looking for the story. I thought I’d missed one of the other compilation books, and wasn’t careful enough with checking my titles in my library while ordering on Amazon. As a result, I now have a shiny new copy of *Shadow of Saganami * in paperback. Which I already had in hardbound. As an aside, if anyone wants that book, email me. I’ll mail it to the first US address (sorry, I’m cheap) who asks for it. My purchasing blunder is your gain!

The book you’re looking for is Crown of Slaves. Anton Zilwicki also plays a big part as well, of course, as do Victor Cachat, Princess Rachel, and a few new characters introduced in that book.

There’s also rumored to be a sequel to Crown in the works, the subject of which should probably become clear once you’ve read it and At All Costs.

It’s handled in the book Crown of Slaves.

Thank you! I knew there was a hole in my library somewhere. Off to fix that…

OK, now that the OP is asked and answered, I’ve got another question. Despite reading just about every SM Stirling/David Drake/Eric Flint novel out there, I’ve never read any of this series.

So…which books to read first? By publication date? Does it matter?

The main series lines up chronologically as well as published-by dates. It’s the anthologies, that usually include a story or two written by David Weber and some by other authors, that can jump around a little bit. If you can sneak those into the main series according to their publishing dates, it should keep things flowing and prevent you from going “Huh?” when you miss one, as I just did.

So, start with On Basilisk Station, and go from there.

I stopped reading it after she started losing parts.

But, but…that was like…Book 3. :eek:

And a fine place to stop it would be, if only the later books didn’t set up the extended Honorverse stories.

Hey, they installed replacements.

Halfway through book 2, actually.