Hoo! Ahh! Thank God It's Over!

All the pornos are done![sup]1[/sup] You know when I took this job translating porn films, I thought it would be a bunch of laughs. And it was, but I’m really, really glad it’s all over with.

I am now officially jaded, and I’m a bit sad about that. I miss the old, sweet & simple tatertot. :frowning:

And yes, my voice[sup]2[/sup] is on one of the films, and my um, suck sounds are mixed in on others. It makes me feel just a teeny bit odd that somewhere, sometime some guy is going to be jacking off to the sounds of me sucking on salami. I really hope that guy doesn’t turn out to be my brother, because that could give him issues.

All in all though, I’m glad I had this experience. Let it never be said that tatertot was afraid to do anything (except bungee jump). One day, I’ll probably look back at my career as a porn star and laugh…heck, it will probably be as soon as tonight.

Now, on to my new career as a kiddie cartoon character!

[sup]1[/sup][sub]Unless the distributors decide they like them and order the remaining 73 done. But I doubt that, this is really, really icky porn. Not so much what they do, but the production values stink.[/sub]

[sup]2[/sup][sub]Heh, I’m a dominatrix prostitute! I like that role, since she’s pretty bored & I didn’t have to moan a lot.[/sub]

Cool! and what cartoon Character will you be? will the cartoon character have to suck on a salami?

Awwww…your 2K post and you used it on a post to tease me! I feel so honored! :smiley:

And I haven’t even seen the cartoons yet, so I don’t know what my role will be.

And I forgot to mention, that I used the word “felch” (although not acurately) in a scene last night. It’s my tribute to the SDMB.

Woah. Was I ever left out of the loop on this one. How on earth do you get a job like that???

And I’m not talking abou the cartoon voices.

Though that’s pretty damn cool too, and I’d love to do something like that myself (Dunno if I’d be any good at it, though).

Ok, out with it (so to speak): Is your name on the credits ?

No, I used a pseudonym: T----- S----- K-----. Hehehe.

Nope, the same names that were on the original French & German are going to stay. I mean, it’s not like anyone uses their real name in porn to begin with, is it?

Guano Lad, if I knew how I found myself in these kinds of situations, well, I wouldn’t be finding myself in so many, would I? :wink: It was one of those situations where I knew somebody who knew somebody and blah blah blah. I didn’t apply for this job or anything like that, so I would have no idea how one would go about going into this line of work.

Well, dang, chicken little, I nearly didn’t click on this thread 'cause I thought it was the millionth election thread.

Instead, it’s an erection thread.

Wishing you all the best in your career as Salami, Queen of Suk (you probably shouldn’t have told us that, you know).

Salami was a dancer,
She danced before the king,
And every time she danced for him,
She didn’t wear a thing…

I’m not getting any work done today at this end, either. (sigh)

The real question is, whats the title of the movie, and how can I take a gander at the tatered-up version?!?!?! Please, I keep secrets very well :).

Just one question–how does “felch” translate into German?

Oh, I can’t resist. Another–in what context did you use the word “felch”?

My question is: Was “Hoo! Aah! Thank God it’s over!” one of the lines you dubbed in? Because I’d consider that kind of a mood-killer.

I’m officially retired from the salami sucking game. And if you think this is bad, imagine the stuff I’m not telling you!

There are quite a few movies, and I’m not sure if they will go by the same names (but in English) or not. They are produced by Carol Lynn films, apparently she was a big porn star in Europe in the 80s. I’m supposed to be getting a DVD of the finished version, and since I certainly don’t want to have to watch them again, I might consider auctioning them off. :smiley:

But seriously, this is really bad porn. Ugh.

Lol, no. Ewwww, but there was a scene where this chick bites on a guy’s dick and he goes “chew it”. Yuck. And some of those girls did look very relieved when the dang guys would finally finish. Eternity is being trapped watching a five minute sex scene, when you really, really have to go potty.

Ich weiss nicht.

Okay, this guy had blown his wad all over this girl’s face, and as she’s licking him and herself clean, the German script had him saying “Oh, yeah baby fetch it up” (literally translated), so I had him say “felch it up”. I know it’s not accurate, but I thought it was funny.