Hoodwinked Too! Hood VS. Evil to open 29 April 2011

After many delays and apparently lawsuits the sequel to the delightful **Hoodwink**is finally going to make it to the movies: Hoodwinked Too! Hood VS. Evil.

The first movie was a sleeper that did not do great box office but was smart and well done. There were many delays for the sequel. My Kids and I are looking forward to this. As a bonus, Cheech & Chong are in this one.

At least, from the cast list, Japeth the Goat is coming back; he was the best thing about the first movie.

Be prepared…

I can’t wait. The first movie was among the best animated movies I’ve ever seen. The animation looked like it was done on a W95 machine, but it was smart and funny.

ETA: Patrick Warburton is back! Whoo-hoo! (looks…) And so is Twitchy! :slight_smile: My little girl will be happy…

Never trust a bunny

This is great news, we watch the first one every couple of months or so, great movie, great song by Ben Folds too.

I had fun with the first one, so I may go see it.

What lawsuits?
I’m really looking forward to this, too. I was shocked to find out Japeth wasn’t voiced by Jeff Foxworthy!

Here is part of it:

This seems like the bulk of what I heard as I awaited this release.

First one was very good. Both my girls loved it.

I notice that Anne Hathaway isn’t involved in this one.

Great news. Hoodwinked was a delight. It will be hard-pressed to top it, but I’d be willing to give it a try.

I saw a commercial for this yesterday. Thankfully they have upgraded the CG - it looks great. I can’t wait!