Hooked on Metamucil

I have read that the body reacts to certain drugs by compensating for them after time. For example if you take uppers your body will eventually slow down so that without the uppers it will no longer function properly, which is why Elvis’s colon was so huge when he died.
Will something similar happen if you are on a high fiber diet? Say if when you first start your body is not used to so much fiber and you become very regular. After a time your body gets dependent on the fiber to stay regular so that if you go back to a low fiber diet you are worse off than before.
I hope I have asked the question clearly and tactfully.

Well, your body’s tendancy is going to be toward normalcy. If you eat a low-fiber diet, your body will do its best to maintain “regularity.” If you suddenly add a large amount of fiber, that your body is not used to digesting, you may indeed cause temporary diarrhea. In a sense, you become “too” regular. Over time, though, your body will learn to digest the fiber and you will be healthier. If, once you are accustomed to a high fiber diet, you suddenly remove that fiber, you will become constipated. However, if you maintain a healthy diet, you will not require increasingly larger amounts of fiber. There is a finite amount that your body needs. By adding fiber gradually, you can determine how much is best for your body.

You may be thinking of people who get hooked on chemical laxatives. The overuse of these medications can result in your body losing the ability to recognize and act on the need to empty the colon and the resulting need for chemical stimulants. Maintaining a healthy diet is different than depending on drugs to force your body to do what it no longer recognizes it is supposed to do.

The answer to your question is yes, it is indeed possible to take in too much fiber and your body will decompensate. But in reality, if you eat way too much fiber, you produce huge amounts of gas, get temporary intestinal blockages causing bloating and stomach pain, and generally figutre out qwhat is going on and reduce the dose, which the body also compensates for.