Hooking up a gas dryer

Henny Youngman: Take my wife please!

A friend (who is a plumber) was at our house picking up something my gf was lending to his wife. My gf mentioned that I’d installed a new dryer earlier that day, and asked if he’d take a look. He took a look and said it looked fine. He then took out his Bic lighter and checked all my joints that way. I was a bit surprised, but I guess he couldn’t smell a leak and felt safe?!

For what it’s worth, I am pleased that you didn’t die. :slight_smile: It’s kind of bullshit that your very expensive appliance had a fucked up connector. Why would they cheap out on that? If the threads were right, you wouldn’t have had to pay for a plumber. You might want to see if the manufacturer will reimburse you for a defective part.