Hooray for Bollywood

So the other night I was at Blockbuster, looking for something to watch–it’s a regular Sunday night thing, Mr. Cameron works evenings, but he’s dependably home on Sunday nights, and we rent a movie and get a bottle of wine and some snacks for when the kids go to bed. So anyway, I saw an Indian movie on the shelf, Asoka. The pictures looked cool, the description sounded remotely interesting, my turkey detector didn’t go off. And there wasn’t anything else interesting on the shelf that night. So home it went.

And you know what? We really enjoyed it, even the musical numbers. So then my next question was, does Blockbuster have any other cool Indian movies? A quick scan of the Foreign section didn’t turn anything up, but I didn’t know what to look for. So–anybody here have some recommendations? What are some good Indian flicks?

Try **Lagaan**. If Blockbuster has any other, it will be this–a 4-hour period musical about cricket(!) that is fantastic. It was up for the Foreign Film Oscar last year, so it’s as high profile as any Bollywood film out there.