Hooray for Jamey Carroll!

Jamey Carroll of the Colorado Rockies lit a spark under the Rock’s offense with a Grand Slam in the 6th tonight. This was his career first grand slam, and he really deserves to be in the spotlight today.

While a grand slam may not be worth a thread all by itself, Carroll’s effort tonight was just the latest of his outstanding plays. As the announcers have frequently said, he is not the best, the fastest or the strongest player on the field, but what makes him special is that he gives 100% in every play. He puts his heart and soul into every catch and every swing of the bat. He is exciting to watch play. This is the kind of player you want your kids to emulate in little league. He is a role model and an inspiration.

Hooray for Jamey Carroll, not for the grand slam that gave the Rockies the lead tonight, but for all the other plays that never make the headlines.