Hooray for Snow!

It is snowing outside of my office right now. I am watching the snowflakes dance and swirl around the buildings in the wind and I find myself feeling such joy! Being from the south I didn’t ever get much in the way of snow or other fun winter weather (black ice and freezing rain are not fun) and I want so badly to take a break from work and go downstairs with my gloves and my hat and dance around in the soft, white flakes blanketing Wall St right now. My boyfriend will probably tease me about it since he is from CT and this is nothing new to him but to me it is still pretty amazing!

Everyone has been complaining about the cold and the ice lately but I can’t help being excited by it. Come join me in my celebration of snow and winter weather…there will be hot cocoa and blankets enough for everyone!

Man, it’s been such a weird winter. Snow in NYC, Texas, and even New Orleans as I hear. But the ground is green here in Western New York, and the temperature neared 60F yesterday.

It’s snowing on and off here too in the coastal mountains in central CA and I’ve been running in and out playing in it all morning. It’s starting to accumulate on the fir trees and it’s so beautiful. My animals are not quite as excited as I am and are sleeping in a pile in front of the woodstove. I love it.

Thanks to yesterday’s snowstorm, I had the pleasure of experiencing my very first ever real, authentic gridlock. I didn’t move for over 40 minutes.

I am not joining you in rejoicing. Particularly with the ice storm already on its way to Chicago.

The snow here didn’t stick so it was basically just really pretty rain. :frowning:

I am still excited about the possibility of a solid blanket of snow before the year is out though! I don’t drive or depend on cars for transportation in any way though, otherwise I might not find it so exciting.

Its not your first snow storm that gets you down, its the twentyfifth one that says winter is never going to leave.


I’ll join you in a “Hooray!”

It is absolutely gorgeous out there today. We have about 3 inches of very fluffy, sparkly snow, blue skies and no wind. It is havering around zero, so no chance of it melting and getting all yucky.

I just got in from snowblowing, shoveling, and general playing around out there.

And no, I don’t get tired of it. I’ve been in snow-land for all of my 45 years, and I still love every snowfall! I’ve got a sled, cross-country skis, snowshoes, ice skates and warm clothes. Who could ask for anything more?

We got nothin’. It’s 68 outside. :frowning:

I was bummed out. The local NPR station, whose coverage area includes the Lake Erie snow belt, was full of dire predictions of 4" of snow overnight. My son was getting all jazzed about the possibility of a snow day. Then I sat and watched the radar as the whole weather system skirted ju-u-u-u-u-ust to the north of us. We had a little bit of nasty icy drizzle in the morning – enough to make the back steps slippery, but not enough to make anything pretty.