Hooray!(TA question)

Today, I knew I had to get out of my computer science class, InfoTech 9/10. The main reason was because the course was a 9/10 split, with no real difference in difficulty between the two grades. It is basically the same material as last year, which in itself was already pretty easy. I was hoping for a more advanced course such as InfoTech 11, but no luck, they were full. The class I was in was also full, 5 students without computers (including me).

Most of the kids in that class are there because it’s an assumedly easy course (well, it is, until you get to the higher courses). Most of them screw those who try to actually learn by holding up the class with dumb, already answered questions, make silly noises, or act exceedingly immature even for their age.

I went to the counselor to have it straightened out, because I didn’t feel like I would learn anything new. He talked with the other InfoTech teacher about getting me a more advanced course. She got me Desktop Publishing, another grade 10 course, and office assistant in the computer room, which basically means that I am the teacher’s assistant. What’s nice is that if I pass the TA thing, I get a course towards graduating because it’s an 11/12 class. I’ll be doing the TA thing during lunch and after school.

So, other TAs, (especially high school ones), how did you find it to be? Was it a good or bad experience for you? Thanks.

Way off subject here but, you should look into taking college courses at a local college if you can. I did that while I was in high school and it was well worth the effort. Good luck with your TA business.

Unfortunately, that option is not avaliable to me until I get a diploma.

The option may be available. I didn’t have a high school diploma and I went to college. The situation was that a few of the teachers at my school had ties to the local college. The teachers negotiated some kind of deal for me and a few others to attend college classes while we were still in high school. I know it was a special situation, but it can happen.

I was a TA for a university course last year. The prof bent the rules a bit because I was actually TAKING the class at the same time I was helping him prepare the course notes and all, and that’s not usually done.

It was wonderful for me, academically, because I typed up the notes for each class a week in advance, and I had time to look them over and make sure I understood everything. Having constant access to the prof was also great - not only did it help me to REALLY understand the material, but I also made a very useful contact in my field. I still stop by his office sometimes and we discuss the latest research (it was a course in molecular biology and cancer). He has good friends at dozens of research institutions, and once I make my mind up about getting my Masters degree, he’ll put in a good word for me.

It’s good to get to know some teachers well, because they can help you get into a good college or a good job, through contacts and letters of recommendation. Getting extra credit for being a TA wasn’t an option for me, but it’s fantastic that you’re getting it! It’ll definitely give you a little extra help when applying to college, even if it’s just something to put on your CV. Good luck!