Hop a slow boat to China

Seriously, is this less expensive than flying? And do big cargo ships actually carry passengers at all? Or is this a total movie invention?

Here’s a staff report on the origins of the saying: http://www.straightdope.com/mailbag/mslowboatchina.html

Yes, some cargo ships carry passengers. Personally, I’d love to tale a trip on a merchant ship. Modern freighters these days can be quite comfortable.

Internet guide to freighter travel.

More info: http://www.itravelnet.com/transport/water/freighters.html

Plus, there are books on the subject if you’re really interested.

Oh - and the costs. Here’s a page with some hefty world cruises:
http://www.freightercruises.com/ (special discounts link - left side)

According to another site:

It goes on to explain the different costs associated with different types of fares, taxes and insurance. It seems to be at least as convoluted as airfare pricing, if not more so.

Cool! I just might try this someday. I’ve always wanted to travel, and *where * is not hugely important.

But I’d have to check out the ones devoted to real shipping to save any money at all. It’d be too expensive any other way. In fact, some of those fares they advertise were enormous!

It’s more expensive than flying.