Hormones are evil

Life is crazy. On Halloween, I found out that a good friend likes me, and we ended up making out (it was my first kiss, and I think it was his too). It was kind of awkward but sweet and nice. On Tuesday night, he was over at my house for a writing group meeting, and after everyone left, he suggested we go to his house for a while (probably because I have a roommate but he doesn’t). Well… things ended up getting a little out of hand. Just a little, nothing too serious. When it looked like things would go further if we didn’t stop, I broke away and said, “Umm, let’s just keep it at this level.” He was incredibly embarrassed and ashamed of himself, and he said, “I don’t want to do this… I wish it didn’t happen.” I felt guilty too even though I didn’t want it to stop (morals butted in), but I think he felt worse. We’re both really naive (20-year-old romantically challenged virgins) and know we want to wait before anything serious happens, but we went a little overboard that night.

Blah. Hormones are stupid. They make people do things they’re not ready for. sigh Well, at least we showed some self-control…

You showed a lot more self-control than damn near any 20 year old I know would have. Kudos to you, agentfroot, wish I had been blessed with that sort of control, instead of learning it after the fact. Better late than never, right? :frowning:

Dear God! Its like your me from a year ago!

I was in a similar situation with a friend about a year ago. (Slightly different, I wasn’t a virgin, he was.) We liked each other but I didn’t want to go any further as there were other issues involved. Of course when we were drunk damn hormones always took over and we ending up kissing on MANY occasions.

I’ve now been oficially dateing the guy for just over sixth months and we’re deeply in love. So this stuff CAN sort it self out.