horrible movies that are classics simply becuase the're on non stop

Mainly this is based on holiday movies … But every Halloween they drag out hocus pocus which was a flop critically and money wise and yes I went to see it because my boss was a bette midler fan and we missed the start time for tombstone and even she hated it

And now theres tons of people who consider it one of the best Halloween movies ever made because its on 40 channels from septemeber to November… and I’m like wasn’t this movie considered crap just 15 years or so by everyone ?

Now I know someones going to bring up a Christmas story but that was just ignored and not hated …

Anyone have any others holiday or not ?

It didn’t lose money. It made a little profit when it opened. The reviews at that time weren’t very good but weren’t terrible. Since then it has gotten a cult status. You may not like it, but that doesn’t mean that other people don’t like it.

I don’t think you understand. Hocus Pocus is amazing because it’s kind of dumb and janky. It’s almost perfectly Halloweeny in that it’s a mix of self-aware edgy and ridiculous. In some weird ways it’s the essence of every low-budget Halloween display put up in a grocery store.

Nightmare Before Christmas is still by far my favorite Halloween movie, but Hocus Pocus is just so unrepentantly silly. Much like its more wholesome cousin Halloweentown.

I had a get together last Halloween to watch scary movies and I added Something Wicked This Way Comes to the list as it was the only decent movie I could think of that was still “horror” and yet pretty accessible to anyone of any age or fear of scary movies.

Maybe it’s the same thing? It might win out simply by virtue of being one of the few all ages horror flicks? (I haven’t seen it.)

I’ve never even heard of Hocus Pocus, let alone seeing it on TV non-stop around Hallowe’en. Maybe I don’t have the same cable package as the OP.

This was some time ago …

The Beastmaster was a horrible movie. But apparently the TV rights were basically $0. So TBS & friends would play it over and over. Whenever they needed a couple hours filled, out came The Beastmaster.

So it got memed old school. Comedians joked about it, lines became in jokes, etc. For a while it was a standard cultural reference.

But even Rip Torn couldn’t save this disaster.

I know lots of people love it but Christmas Vacation is not a good movie.

Empire Records is objectively not a good movie, but it used to be on ALL THE TIME and so it sort of wormed its way into my heart anyway. I think it’s finally fallen out of heavy rotation because I haven’t seen it in probably 2 or 3 years.

“I have my eyes … I have my cunning … and I have my strength.”

For a time in the '80s, TBS stood for “The Beastmaster Station.” It’s what Ted Turner showed when he wasn’t broadcasting Braves games.

There are a lot of horrible Christmas movies that are shown all the time just because they’re Christmas movies. Jingle All the Way and Christmas with the Kranks come to mind.

Roadhouse with Patrick Swayze seems an excellent choice here.

Sorry Quimby, Christmas Vacation is my new holiday go-to movie; I have to watch it every time it’s on. On the other hand, Scrooged still bites.

Another “so bad that it’s good” movie is Twister: “we have cows!” I think it’s kind of tasteless when they (TBS?) broadcasts it so frequently during… tornado season!

The cable TV watcher’s prayer: Oh Lord, please don’t let it be Beastmaster again!

The Year Without a Santa Claus, and especially the remake.

Mind you the Cold & Heat miser song are excellent.

Sometimes I wonder about this, myself.

Let’s set aside the holiday movies. What are the movies that always seem to be on? Is it because of the cable package?

My initial response was “*What? *You’re crazy!” until I realized I was thinking of Cadillac Records.

Ditto. I might have heard of it, but I’ve never seen it, and I can’t recall ever having to dodge it among the channels.

“It’s A Wonderful Life.”


I’m no fan of It’s a Wonderful Life (the story it was based on was far more interesting, and George is remarkably slow on the uptake), but it’s hardly a horrible movie.