Horrible toilet dreams: a woman thing?

I have dreams where I can’t find a PRIVATE place to take a pee. Every toilet is in a public place. That’s kind of similar.

I don’t have that dream. Sometimes I have a dream that I sit on grass and pee and that it feels really good and warm, and then I wake up and get scared I wet the bed but I never have. Then I run-don’t-walk to the bathroom.

I am female.

Female here. I have the not private/strangely situated toilet dream, but I don’t think filth is involved. Now the dream that I have when I really, really, really have to wake up and run to the bathroom involves dentistry. This may only happen once every couple years or so, but now whenever I dream of having dental work done I know to force myself awake.

I agree with Eve, it always means I have to pee and I eventually wake up and realize that and go to the bathroom. Usually it seems to be that there’s no privacy or toilet more so than it’s just too dirty.

I have talked with my boyfriend about this before and he has had similar dreams when he really has to go, just not as often.

I forgot to add that I am and always have been female.

Though the name change from Tiramisu to Wile E seems to have included a change in people’s perception of my gender.

same here

I’m male (hence the name) and I’ve never had a dream about dirty toilets or restrooms. However, I’ve had a few dreams about confusing, maze-like restrooms/locker rooms, with walls and rows of fixtures arranged seemingly at random.

I used to have that dream fairly regularly – usually really dirty bathrooms, but sometimes too public, too – and it always meant I needed to pee.

These days my bladder is more insistent so it wakes me up before it has to get my subconscious in the act, apparently.

And yes, I’m female. And very glad to know I’m not the only one who’s had this dream; I’ve never asked anyone else. This board is so good at revealing how common what I think are my unique peculiarities really are.

I’ve never had a dream involving horrible toilets, or toilets at all for that matter.

I did have this recurring dream when I was about six where Homer and Bart Simpson were taking showers at a remote mountain cabin in seperate bathrooms, and they kept messing with the faucets to make the other person have cold water. I suspect that I had seen the episode where Bart was washing his hands while Homer was showering, and Homer kept getting scalded or frozen when Bart turned on the faucet, causing the dream.

Band Name!!!

I seem to recall a dream about the proverbial Horrible Toilet, but don’t remember if there was an alternate stall available.

The toilet dream I’ve had on more than one occasion, is walking into the bathroom in a public place, such as an airport, and being confronted with a huge bathroom, with like 15 urinals and dozens of stalls, with a 12-15 foot hight ceiling, and dusty tiling covering the whole thing. Considering my dreams, including this one, are almost always in black and white, the effect is very noir. (Wouldn’t be too surprised to have a leaky faucet in the back corner of the room, 60 feet away.)

Never had one and just polled my husband. He hasn’t either.

Female here. I was about to say I’d never had that dream…and then I remembered. Disgusting overflowing toilets and really having to go.

And another one on the inadequate stall doors thing, although they usually don’t cooccur with the dirty toilets.

Me too. On stalls, the doors are only about 3-4 feet high. Most of the time, I’m in a house though and the bathroom doors tend to be too narrow for the doorway. I’m trying to get it to latch and it just won’t reach far enough and the dorr keeps opening up. Usually I go in there for a bit of pleasuring rather than peeing, so I really don’t want anyone to see.

I’m a guy.

I’ve never even heard of it.

I’m female. Those dreams (which for me can be either the dirty bathroom, no bathroom, no door on the stall, or a combination of all three) means that I have to go pee. I see others here have the same experience. The meaning behind that dream is pretty obvious, actually, when you wake up with a desperate urge to urinate.

I’ve never had one, or even heard of anyone else having them until now. But then I’ve used public toilets in Egypt, so maybe I’ve just confronted the fear or something.

The only time I ever had that dream was when I was pregnant. I always had to pee then, so for me I think that was it. Plus a lot of my day just revolved around bathrooms at that point so it was probably on my mind.

Female, not a mom (and never will be) and haven’t had one of those types of dreams ever. Or heard of them, for that matter. And I’d like to think I’m an exceptionally decent housekeeper. But maybe not. Only the Shadow (of the Toilet Bowl – hehehe) knows!

My wife has had that dream.

I haven’t.

She gets really disgusted by toilets, like if a guy gets his head stuck in a toilet in a movie.

I’m female and have had them on occasion. The last one was so bad (condition of bathroom) the police were called in, heh. The grossness seems to be deliberate acts of vandalism. There’s almost always projectile diarrhea everywhere and in one, someone had also unrolled all of the toilet paper rolls, projected all over them, then rolled them back up.