Horror Movie Shower Scenes

For a podcast I do, my partner and I are trying to assemble the 5 greatest horror movie shower scenes of all time. #1 of course has to be Psycho, with Janet Leigh… also the earliest shower scene in a horror movie that I remember.

Also on the list is Friday the 13th part 3, where the guy is walking down the hallway on his hands when Jason splits him in half right down the middle while his girlfriend is clueless in the shower.

Or maybe the totally gratuitous (aren’t they all?) scene at the beginning of Slumber Party Massacre… there’s so many good ones.

In your opinion, what are the greatest horror movie shower scenes and why?

I’m sorry, Mr. Skin beat you to it (and they have a better logo!). Knocked Up reference intentional.

Does Mr. Skin really have a horror movie specific section? I’m at work, so I can’t check… If so, I can either be pissed that someone beat us to it, or be happy that someone else did all the work and we just need to steal it!

Angie Dickinson’s shower in Dressed to Kill (for sheer hotness) and Sissy Spacek’s in Carrie (for setting the tone).

Squirm with Patricia Pearcy.

De Palma’s Blow Out. Simultaneously manages to satirize the gratuitous shower scene as well as being entirely gratuitous itself. Quite a nifty trick, and worth an honorable mention at the very least.

Schindler’s List?

[ducks and runs]

Does that count? It’s a shower scene, in a horror movie, but nothing horrible happens in the scene.

Do bathtubs count? That woman/zombie in the bathtub in The Shining was as creepy as hell. Bonus points for a signature Kubrick scene: a long shot down a long room with the action beginning at the far end and advancing toward the camera.

That is a good point… maybe I should narrow down my specifications to a death or scare happening during the shower, even if the shower isnt directly involved (like in Friday the 13th part 3). Otherwise its just nudity for the sake of nudity.

Oh, man, good one! Definitely on my list now.

Too bad we’re limited to horror movies.

What about Zhora in Bladerunner? C’mon, she just got out of the shower and more or less donned a shower curtain/rain coat. I think that’s a creative take on a shower-death, and it’s a scene I’ll never forget.

If bathtubs count, rack up Michelle Pfeiffer (the fuck? How is that spelt?) in What Lies Beneath (if you’ve seen the movie, you’ll know the scene, which is without a doubt the biggest jump scare EVER witnessed by me and my friends), and also Heather Lagenkampf (again, sorry bout the speelling) in the original Nightmare on Elm St.

And this is bad how?

I think there is some crazy, gratuitous, and gruesome, tub or shower scene in the Original Toolbox murders (78). I can’t remember the details, but I think some woman gets drilled, literally.

Would the Drew Barrimore shower scene in Doppelganger qualify?


Since bathtubs qualify, one must surely consider the awesome scene from “The Tingler”.

What man didn’t cringe at the shower scene in “Porky’s”

“Here’s your paper! Here’s your goddamn paper! Take it! Take it!”

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Okay, so it was a Mel Brooks’ spoof. What?

You can watch it on youtube. The shower scene starts right about 4:45.