Horror Movie Suggestions


I’m looking for some horror movie suggestions. Any genre will do: Slasher, Gore, Classics, Zombie flicks, whatever.

Most of the horror movies I’ve seen have been of the popular, mainstream variety. Stuff like Psycho, Halloween, Frankenstein, Friday the 13th, The Excorcist, etc.

I would love some suggestions from outside the popular mold, if possible. Stuff that a guy like me probably has never seen.


Shaun of the Dead.

My daughter and I watched the 1932 (Fredric March) version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde the other night. Surprisingly sexy and very effective; one scene in particular was damned hard to watch.

I also enjoyed Sweeney Todd-The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, with Todd Slaughter, complete with its numerous not-quite-saying-it-out-loud references to meat pies.

A fun “giant monster” movie that I recently saw was Frankenfish. Yeah, it’s straight to video, but it is entertaining and I muchly liked it.

Japanese horror: Infection

The Gate, if you want an older Cult Classic (and if you can find it.)

There’s another, a British film about these animal activists (no, not 28 days later). If I think of it I’ll post it, cause I really liked it.

I recommend the Italian sequel to Dawn of the Dead; Zombie!

Notable because it features a three way battle between a topless woman, a zombie and a shark… all underwater.

It is something to behold.

I usually don’t care for horror movies for the gore/torture/mutilation stuff, but I really enjoyed the recent Dawn of the Dead remake, and also Shaun of the Dead.

If you’re really in the mood for something freaky, check out the films of Japanese director Takashi Miike. The only one I’ve seen is Ichi the Killer, which is one of the most violent, sadistic, unsettling movies I’ve ever seen. I didn’t enjoy it, but some people find its over-the-top qualities hilarious. He is best known, however, for Audition, a nice date movie with a twist. Another recent Japanese film, Versus (not by Miike), pitted the Yakuza against zombies in the woods. It was pretty light on plot, but stylish, bloody, and fun.

Yeah, Versus was great.

I still can’t think of that damn British movie, and it will bug me till til I do…

Brain Dead is a fun one.

Also Fright Night

Back in the 80’s (I think), I liked Near Dark, The Hidden, and The Boogens (best yappy dog demise ever).

Understated but scary are The Changeling with George C. Scott, and Burnt Offerings, a nice haunted house story.

My daughter saw Rabid when she was about 12 and wouldn’t sleep in her own room for a year. :slight_smile:

The original Haunting is excellent too, the one with Julie Harris.

I read a list of classic horror films once, and copied them down. Looking through them, I can see that I’ve never seen one of them. :o I wonder why I bothered…

Here they are:

-Carnival of Souls
**-Near Dark ** (also recommended above by Auntie Pam)
-Black Christmas
-White of the Eye
-Company of Wolves
-Seance on a Wet Afternoon
-Peeping Tom

I can’t speak for whether they are good or not, but I seem to recall that the writer had an appreciation for this sort of movie. Maybe it’s time for me to get that Netflix membership…

I can, however, highly recommend Don’t Look Now.

House of the Dead.

It’s awesome. Lots of chicks getting their knockers out for no reason, screens from a crappy arcade video game that have no relation to the plot whatsoever. Massive, massive weapons fetishism and a gun battle that goes on for at least ten minutes too long. And Zombies! :smiley:

Damn, how did I forget this one?
The Vanishing.
It’s the sort of movie that inspires cold sweats and sleepless nights long after you are laughing at the corny slashers. But, only in the original Dutch version. Don’t even consider the American remake.

Ôdishon or Audition. It’s in subtitles which I find a bit annoying, but it sure is disturbing! Definitely worth a look.

Shaun of the Dead and the Evil Dead series.

I’m a fan of cheesy B horror/gore/slasher movies.

Here’s a few to check out:

Dead Alive
Sleepaway Camp
Basket Case
Motel Hell
The Hills Have Eyes
I Drink Your Blood
The Stuff


Trust me.

The Thing

One of the House of the Dead girls is Lois from Smallville.

Dagon is excellent.

I know it’s considered mainstream now, but the original A Nightmare on Elm Street should be considered a modern classic, back when Freddy Krueger was actually scary and not a horribly burned stand-up prop-comic with a love of bad puns,

Wes Craven’s New Nightmare was also well done, a movie about the mishaps of the filming of a “New” Nightmare film itself, Robert Englund actually gets to play both Freddy and Himself, and believe me, Robert Englund is nothing like the chartacter of Freddy, Freddy is bold, in your face and brash, Robert is more of the quiet, shy type (at least that’s the way he plays it on screen, i’ve never met the man in real life…)

I gave a one sentence general discription for most of the flicks. I don’t think any of them spoil any of the movies.

“My Bloody Valentine” This is a classic horror flick with teenagers and a dark coal mine to party and murder in. The title ties in with the theme.

“Wendego” It has the north woods Indian spirit thing going on. You can find a lot better out there.

Troma Studios has a lot of really funny monster movies. Here’s my favorites.
“Redneck Zombies”
“Sgt. Kabukiman NYPD”
“Class Of Nuke Em High”

“Saturday the 14th” Comedy of evil beings.

“Elvira The Movie” OK. So this isn’t to scary, but it has monsters, spells, and breasts. I meant to say beasts. Really! :slight_smile:

“Goulies” and the sequels. It offers up rituals, magic, and parties.

“Carrie” Those Catholic nuns cause so many of the world’s problems.

“Evil Dead” Once again in the north woods with those young adults, and occult rituals.

“Mangler” Textile mill and supernatural deaths.

“Tremors” Those unknown creatures are hungry.

“Halloween” One of those dark stalker movies.

“Wishmaster” True to the character of a Jinn. Very good effects. I think they were the first ones to do these glass effects with a computer.

One of the BEST terrible movies ever. That shoot out goes on for literally 12 minutes.

The first girl to get topless is actually the girl who plays Lois Lane on Smallville.

John Carpenter’s The Thing is one of the scariest things I’ve seen in my life.