Horse Creek Murder Mystery in Nebraska circa 1900

Thought I’d try here to see if anyone has more info on what I have seen referred to as the Horse Creek Murder Mystery near Fullerton in Nance County, Nebraska around 1900. This is prompted by a picture of gravestone someone posted on Facebook from my hometown in southern Minnesota. It seems that the victims were buried in my hometown, several states away from Nebraska.

This is the only real info that I have found and google fails me after that.

I’m not linking to the website where I found the above, since a google search will pull it up instantly. I cannot link to the facebook pic because it is a friend of a friend.

There is a long article about the murder I didn’t quote. The perils of genealogy. Imagine a relative accused of a murder like this. I bet this shocked them. :wink:

Man, that was a nasty bit of work. Baird’s family did a good job researching it. Must be tough knowing a relative was murdered like that.

Wow, I figured the SDMB would deliver in short order. Thanks.

I just scanned through most of that, and there is reference to my hometown of Owatonna, so that is the story. Much thanks. This board is awesome.

Good Morning Ladies and Gents,

I know this is an ancient post, butI came across an interesting sheriff’s wanted postcard in an estate today that you may find interesting:

The following excerpt is verbatim from the card.

REWARD OF $1,200.

A REWARD OF ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS is offered by Nance County, Nebraska, for the apprehension and conviction of the murderer or murderers of Harry G. Perceval, his wife and infant child, Hugh Mair and H.A.G. Baird, who were killed at their residences 12 miles west of Fullerton, in Nance County, Neb, on or about September 29, 1884.

Description of party who for some time past lived with the persons murdered, but who is now missing, whose true name is G.F. Furnivall:

An Englishman about 23 years of age, 5 feet 8 inches in height, sharply formed features, sandy hair, fair, florid complexion, face somewhat freckled, walks erect; pleasant and smiling countenance; coarse voice, speaks slowly with noticeable English accent; gold filling in front teeth, weighs 140 pounds, has tattooed upon one of his arms an anchor.

The Governor of Nebraska has telegraphed that he will issue a proclamation for an additional reward of 200$, as authorized by law.

By the order of the Board of County Commissioners,
Fullerton, Neb., USA., Oct. 6th, 1884.

James Zibbell, J.W McCLELLAND,
Sheriff. County Clerk.

Dear Yazdgerd,

Do you still have the postcard? I have a friend who has been researching this mystery for years and would like to share the discovery of your post and your find.

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I know this is ancient news, yes, but I still have the postcard in impressive condition. It’s in a lock box here at home. I could probably part with it. email me at with questions. I check it regularly/daily. Sorry for the 1 year wait, hope you are warm and well- Chicago weather sucks A55.


Why don’t you just scan the postcard and post the picture somewhere so we could all see it. It would be interesting.

A website lists that a person suspected of being Furnival was arrested. He was drew suspicion by being similar appearance, and having arrived in town (Ellisville from memory) at about the same time as the murders.

A witness from Nebraska came to attest it is was the one and same,
but local Ellisville witnesses said he was already in Ellisville at the time of the murders.
So they said it was just coincidence he looked similar.

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