Horse with pipe up the ass???

I came across this old woodcut sketch:

Why would anyone want to do this?

The methane from the horses farts filters through the tobacco and gives it a unique flavour.

Proof that there is a Tom Green in every time and place.

I’m guessing, see as this is a veterinary manual, that the tobacco/nicotine was being used for some medical
purpose. Possibly for worming it, or some other mysterious horse ailment.

Anal cancer, perhaps?

To be enjoyed with a cup of kopi luwak, no doubt.

Actually, if you follow the link at the bottom to the collection that the woodcut is from, it has this to say:

yabob has it right. This as called “brning the mare’s fart”, and was done as a sort of remedy.

I know about this, because I read of it in a book called Witchcraft in Salem by Chadwick Hansen. An excellent ittle bit of renovated history, with odd little tidbits like this one included.

That’s just odd.