Horses: Amazing Video Clip...

So let’s say you have a theatrical performance and need some horses - has been done for centuries using everything from broomsticks to athletic men with nicely built horses heads and feet (as in Equus).

However, a new theater production in London has gone the extra mile with these stage horses - and I guess you just have to see it to believe how realistic they are! Here is the clip.

That’s really amazing work. Thanks for posting this.

The ear movement is so dead-on accurate…WOW!

Very impressive. Wow, again.

Yeah, it’s the ears that blow me away. That and the nose-flips.


Wow… I would LOVE to see that production. Those are very, very cool!

I want to see that show. Just that clip filled me with awe! What creativity and genius in the puppet design! I wonder if that show will ever make it over here…I’d love to see it!

Screw seeing it… I’m trying to figure out when their gonna bring the show to the States so I can work on it.

25 years that guy worked on those puppets. 25 fucking years. And he fucking nailed it. Some of the most impressive puppetry I’ve ever seen.