Horseshoe in a boxing glove -- how'd this rumor start?

“The streets of cities were littered with dead horses”

I’m pretty sure that there’s a Tex Avery gag in which an upended glove yields a whole horse.

Tampering with the glovesis more a problem.

If you remove the padding, the punches are harder and hurt more.

Holding on to something, to make a fist also increases the force how hard you can hit without breaking your own hand, while at the same time hurting the opponent more.

A horseshoe is in a rather useless shape for that purpose, however loading, hardened and tampering with gloves did happen and most likely still happens.

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low whistle

Dayum. Like abandoned cars, only smellier.

But I see on further examination (which I did not know), that in fact they had ready-response crews who tried to get them cleaned up and gone in 10-20 minutes, so they weren’t littering the streets very much, or for very long.

Like tow-trucks, only smellier :!)

Apparently, very much like tow-trucks. Tilt tray, horse-powered winch.

Well, THAT had to be awkward for the horse.

“Bob, nooooo! We just had lunch together yesterday! You can’t be dead!! … What do you mean, I need to winch him up here like some piece of road trash?!? Bob and I went through so much together! He deserves a proper buri-- oh, I get a sugar cube? Well, okay then! Nothing personal, Bob.” <hrrrmph!>

I vaguely recall that one too, but can’t provide a cite.:o

Oh, hey! Look what page just got added to TVTropes two days ago: