Horseshoes and cloven hooves

If one were so inclined, could one shoe a cow with a horseshoe, or would a special shoe be needed because of the split hoof? Just got to wondering about centaur cattle in a fantasy setting late one night.

Called my farrier to ask—he said he’d do a special shoe going from plain barstock. Much easier than trying to modify a traditional horse shoe.

He also said that now he’s intrigued about shoeing a cow. Knowing my farrier…heh heh heh. Watch this space!

When oxen are used as draft animals, they are sometimes shod. Ox shoes are two piece:

Oh, and since a special shoe is available, no need to try to adapt a horseshoe. Here’s a place that sells ox shoes:

$75 per set of 8 (4 feet)

Ah, kewl. I tried looking for cloven horseshoes, but didn’t turn anything up.